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Banda Sonora (Soundtrack) de Elementary

Temas que suenan en la serie
Escucha gratuitamente las canciones de la serie Elementary
TítuloArtistaDuraciónEscuchar en...
Legions (Aftermath) Zoe Keating 06:40
Young Blood The Naked And Famous 03:53
We Insist Zoe Keating 03:46
Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello 03:46
New Alphabet Eels 04:09
La vieille chanteuse Claire Diterzi 04:15
Exit for Sale Dr.Dog 05:02
No Man Is an Island Losers 04:32
Fortyfive Bootstraps 03:04
Bom Bom Sam and the Womp 02:55
Only Games feat. Aoka Castlebed 04:53
Outta My System My Morning Jacket 03:22
The Silver Lining Gold Leaves 05:04
Travelin' On Norah Jones 03:07
Feather On the Clyde Passenger 04:03
Feather On the Clyde (Acústico) Passenger 03:46
Let Her Go (Acústico) Passenger 04:27
The Long Haul NO 04:19
Shine a Light The Rolling Stones 04:17
Medicate Or Stimulate Minutes Til Midnight 04:11
Arise, Awake Paul Banks 04:18
Me and the Devil Gil Scott-Heron 03:34
Broken Jake Bugg 04:07